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• Abstract submissions:
7 April 2013
• Notification of acceptance: 10 May 2013
• Early hotel accommodation booking: 15 August 2013 (space limited)
• Early registration fee: 6 September 2013


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Chung Shan Institute of Science Taiwan, ROC

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RutaN - Networking Explanation, The ICCST establishes a forum for the exchange of ideas and dissemination of information on both new and existing technology. Medellin wants that all these knowledge exchange can arise between the companies and the academic sector, so that it can allow the innovation in the creation of new business. Depending on the topics to be addressed on the conference and the people subscribed to the conservatory, Ruta N, the corporation of new business and innovation of Medellin with the aid of the Antioquia University, will invite different companies related with the specific topics to allow the interaction of the stakeholders, making possible the creation of innovation.

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Colombia, the only risk is wanting to stay. Highlights of Medellín’s tourism.

March 1, 2013. Medellín is awarded as the "Innovative City of the Year", more information here.

Keynote speakers:
1. Prof. Anil K. Jain, from Michigan State University
2. Prof. Gordon Thomas, security consultant, General ICCST Chairman, UK
3. Delegate of Colombian Air Force.
4. Alonso Verdugo Medina, IBM Software group.

This annual conference is the world’s longest-running, international technical symposium on security technology. This conference is a forum for collaboration on all aspects of physical, cyber and electronic security research, development, systems engineering, testing, evaluation, operations and sustainment. The ICCST facilitates the exchange of ideas and sharing of information on both new and existing technology and systems. Conference participants are encouraged to consider the impact of their work on society. The ICCST provides a foundation for support to authorities and agencies responsible for security, safety and law enforcement in the use of available and future technology.

1. Sensor and detection technology, including sensor webs and signal fusion.
2. Advanced video systems, automatic monitoring, automatic threat recognition.
3. Alarm monitoring, command and control systems, including human factors.
4. Threat identification and modeling.
5. Information security, encryption, privacy.
6. Cyber security and malware protection.
7. Wireless communications security including spectrum use and encryption.
8. Biometrics including voice, hand, print, face and other characteristics.
9. Access control and identity management.
10. Barrier technology and modeling.
11. Inspection
12. Less-than-lethal weapons technology.
13. Counter-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.
14. Airport and transportation security.
15. Emergency operations and management.
16. Local, state and national interoperability.
17. Network-centric systems, deployment, operations and life-cycle management and forensics technologies.
18. System engineering and modeling.
19. Operator training and performance.
20. User experiences of operating security systems including testing.
21. Vulnerability analysis and modeling.
22. Impact on society of security technology.
23. Security Education. (*)
(*) The goal is to present experiences related to security in BEng, MSc, PhD courses.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the conference chair
Prof. Jesús Francisco Vargas Bonilla
Prof. Claudia Victoria Isaza
For further information contact Juan Rafael Orozco Arroyave
Thank you for your consideration.

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• Abstract submissions due: 7th April, 2013 (Extended)
(abstract submission)
• Notification of acceptance: 30th April, 2013
• Final Paper submission: 8th, July 2013
• Early Hotel Accommodation Booking: 6th September, 2013
• Early Registration Fee: 6th September, 2013


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Conference Chair

Mr. Jesús Francisco Vargas Bonilla

Conference Co-chair

Ms. Claudia Victoria Isaza

Conference Committee

Mr. Germán Castellanos
UNAL, Colombia

Mr. Julián David Arias L.

Mr. Juan Rafael Orozco.
UdeA, Colombia

Mr. Mario Muñoz.
UdeA, Colombia

Mr. Miguel Ángel Ferrer.
ULPGC, Spain

Mr. Gordon L. Thomas.
ICCST General Chairman, UK

Mr. Leonardo Solaque.
UMNG, Colombia

Executive Committee

Mr. Alfonso Bilbao, SPAIN

Mr. Hsia-Ling Chiang, Taiwan, ROC

Mr. William Claycomb, USA

Mr. Ron Clifton, CANADA

Mr. Pu Chang En, ROC

Ms. Virginia Espinosa-Duro, SPAIN

Mr. Miguel Angel Ferrer, SPAIN

Mr. Fabio Garzia, ITALY

Mr. Pushkar Godbole, CANADA

Mr. Gene Greneker, USA

Mr. Nigel Grist, AUSTRALIA


Mr. Rick Lazarick, USA

Mr. Juan Yen Pan, Taiwan, ROC

Mr. Daniel A. Pritchard, USA

Mr. Brian G. Rich, CANADA

Mr. Larry Sanson, USA

Mr. Adrian Schwaninger, SWITZERLAND

Mr. Clifton Smith, AUSTRALIA

Mr. Gordon Thomas, UK

Mr. Francisco Vargas, COLOMBIA

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