Our Faculty

The Faculty of Engineering at the University of Antioquia recognizes its role in today's globalized society. Knowledge is fundamental in the training of engineers, and the goal of the Faculty is to generate, transmit and use scientific and technical knowledge. In doing so, we must meet the international standards of quality expected by this globalized world in which we live.

The faculty seeks engineering solutions to problems, with emphasis on problems in our immediate environment, by applying the most advanced universal principles. Our mission is to prepare professionals for today's world; professionals on a par with, and able to relate to, their colleagues from any other part of the world; professionals who will contribute to the advancement of science and technology.


"To produce competent engineers for the globalized world, at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels; to develop programs of research and continuous education, and to provide consultation, in the area of technological innovation; to contribute to sustainable development within the country and the region, according to the philosophical principles of the University of Antioquia."


"The Faculty of Engineering will lead Colombia, and be recognized within Latin America, for innovation resulting from research. Graduates of the Faculty will distinguish themselves by their professional qualities, their integral education and their contributions to regional sustainable development."


The Faculty of Engineering at the University of Antioquia began as the School of Chemical Sciences, created in February, 1943. Its first program was oriented towards Pure Chemistry, but later (1944) this changed to Industrial Chemistry, and in 1946 programs became oriented more towards Chemical Engineering and the name was changed to the School of Chemical Engineering. Later, in 1958, the School became a Faculty.

This year the Faculty celebrated 63 years of continuous professional training. During this time the Faculty has produced 8,263 professionals. It is now one of the largest faculties at the University of Antioquia in terms of academic programs and student numbers, with a total of 7,245 undergraduate students and 228 postgraduate students.

The Faculty building, infrastructure and services have been operating for approximately 35 years. A new four storey building is currently under construction, and this will allow the Faculty to expand to better meet the needs of the community in the future.

Administrative organization

The Faculty is directed by the Dean, the representative of the Rector in the department. He is supported in his work by the Faculty Board.

The director of academic administration is the Vice Dean. Each of the nine academic units or departments has a Head of Department. There are also three administrative units for research, extension and logistical support and an office devoted to Specializations, Master's and Doctorate programs.