Colombia, as a developing country strongly involved in establishing a sustainable economy, needs to develop key areas in science and engineering. In that context, there are several critical technology issues not only in the industry and economics, but also in sustainability of the environment, safety, and social issues. Colombian leaders understand that the best way to address solutions to those challenges require effective collaboration with leading countries. The first international Symposium of Advanced Manufacturing and Nanotechnology organized in Medellin, Colombia, will be an excellent scenario to meet world-class scientists and leaders currently working in the areas of advanced manufacturing and nanotechnology. Colombia has fast growing industry and research activities with needs and issues to be solved in those cutting-edge areas; therefore, partnership and networking with first level researchers is an effort in which all international support is rather a priority. This international symposium will have the participation of six prestigious experts presenting the progress of their research and industrial experiences. Additionally, there will be enough available opportunities for discussions about a more efficiently focusing of these topics in Colombia; therefore, local companies and scientists will be encouraged to establish relations with the invited speakers in order to develop future projects. Exchanging ideas and experiences will be helped through two shorts forums over the subjects of the symposium, which is toughed to facilitate strengthen the potential of Colombia to growth in development of these topics.




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